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Dear diary..3.(what would i do??)

life was always been easy for me. i've never been taken any hard choices.i had everything even before i expected.but with the time i've been realized that now it's the time to  take rough choices. Actually there's junction way will lead me to my dream. it's what i wanted since i can remember. And i hope i'll look better in " Browns ".If I choose this way i'll be on my own. and this is what my heart says to go.... the other leads me nowhere i know.I meant the other end of this way is a dark and blinked area.It cannot be predicted.even for a great ist class magician.   But everyone i've loved, every person  who loves me have showed me the second option. there won't be a turn back. I've gone crazy dude.I never felt guilty and regret in these twenty years of my life. And I also don't want them in future.. " Will i suffer? " I don't believe in faith.But i do believe in God. He'll never push me down.He&

dear diary (episode 2)

i was wondering how fate is kidding with us? some people call it as the bad luck.. but i don't believe in luck. in these days most of the things won't work with luck.. in everything it needs the strong recommendations from huge people. if you know some one big the luck will automatically find you... as i know if we were in Singapore, we dont need to give any gifts to make our things done.. but we must remember that this isn't a Singapore. the main reason for that popular secret is the poorness of the middle class people. even though they got a normal bachelor degree you wont be able to get a job for a basic above 20 thousand rupees. but practically it's not enough   for a young person , because they have to move on with the global development. they have to party and rock their lives... and for the ones who cannot afford their cost of living they have another choice to continue their lives. they can be a monk. all the accommodations and the social respect will be your

dear diary 1

life is a poem, it always repeats some phrases again and again, just like some meetings with special people. in every time we meet them they've always change the attitude we have about them. sometimes we feel how wrong we were...and i had the same feeling today.. there was a girl who i used to see about thousand time when i was doing my advanced level.. she was some special for me but i didn't know why in that time.. i thought she was so proud. but when i met her today at the road she smiled with me, it wasn't just a smile.. it came through her heart. she is so innocent. when i asked some questions she answered to me in the same ways she used to speak with her friends.. this isn't a journal to tell you my private things and to sell my dignity for a damn's just a try to tell you how strange life is. sometimes we see somethings it really wasn't there. i do believe in ghosts but i dont believe in human. most of the ghosts do evil to us..but we do knows


"ඔයා මට කොච්චර ආදරේද අසංක?" "මොකද එකපාරටම?" "නෑ.මට දැනගන්න ඕන." "ඇයි කවුරුත් මුකුත් කිව්වද?" "නෑ" "එහෙනම්?.කෙල්ලට මාව අවිස්වාසද?" "මටත් වඩා.මමීටත් ඩැඩීටත් වඩා විස්වාසයි." "ඉතින් එහෙනම් අහන්නේ?" "අනේ කියන්නකෝ.ඔච්චර නපුරුවෙන්නෙ ඇයි?" (අනේ පව්.තවම සුදු මූණ බෙරිකරගෙන,දුකේ බෑ.) "මෙච්චරක් ආදරෙයි කියල පෙන්නන්න ආදරේ හුගාක් වැඩී දරුවෝ" (කලබලෙන් මගේ අත ඒ අත් අස්සෙ හිරකරන් උරේ ඔලුව තියාගත්ත.)                                                                                                                                                                  (නිහැඩියාවක මිනිත්තු කීපයක් ගෙවෙයි) "මේ අසංක." "හ්ම්" "අපි ඉක්මනට බදිමු" "මට හරිහමන් රස්සාවකුත් නැතුව?" "ඔයා ඩැඩීගෙ බිස්නස් වලට ජොයින් වෙන්න" "ඔයාව මට හිගමනට ගන්න බෑ බබා.ඔයාට අපි විඳින දුක දැක්කම....." (සුසුමක් හෙලමින්) "ඇයි මොකෝ නැවැත්තුවේ?" "තව ටික දවසක් ඉ