Dear diary..3.(what would i do??)

life was always been easy for me. i've never been taken any hard choices.i had everything even before i expected.but with the time i've been realized that now it's the time to  take rough choices.

Actually there's junction way will lead me to my dream. it's what i wanted since i can remember. And i hope i'll look better in "Browns".If I choose this way i'll be on my own. and this is what my heart says to go....

the other leads me nowhere i know.I meant the other end of this way is a dark and blinked area.It cannot be predicted.even for a great ist class magician.
But everyone i've loved, every person  who loves me have showed me the second option.

there won't be a turn back.

I've gone crazy dude.I never felt guilty and regret in these twenty years of my life. And I also don't want them in future..

"Will i suffer?"

I don't believe in faith.But i do believe in God. He'll never push me down.He've always been good to me.

And everyone born here has a special duty for him to be done before we left here."

I just wanna tell you dear  friendly diary.

"I don't ever wanted  my life so complicated."

"this is the only week that i felt too hard to breath"

bye for now...


catch you later..

"And i also don't wanna regret in future episodes."




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