dear diary 1

life is a poem, it always repeats some phrases again and again, just like some meetings with special people. in every time we meet them they've always change the attitude we have about them. sometimes we feel how wrong we were...and i had the same feeling today..
there was a girl who i used to see about thousand time when i was doing my advanced level..
she was some special for me but i didn't know why in that time..
i thought she was so proud.
but when i met her today at the road she smiled with me, it wasn't just a smile.. it came through her heart. she is so innocent. when i asked some questions she answered to me in the same ways she used to speak with her friends..
this isn't a journal to tell you my private things and to sell my dignity for a damn's just a try to tell you how strange life is.
sometimes we see somethings it really wasn't there. i do believe in ghosts but i dont believe in human. most of the ghosts do evil to us..but we do knows that.. but we cannot understand human from the way they appear.that's why they are more dangerous.
when the moon goes down we used to get up and we go to sleep with the appearance of the moon.
but there are people who work during the night while the others are sleeping comfortably.
they may have done sins in there past lives but they are also people.what do we think about them .
have ever thought about them..???
there was another topic which troubled me in the evening..
Does true love exist ???
no i dont think so .. because true love isn't practical.
love is a think we used to believe. but we all must have to love..we all must have a partner to bread our help each other and to care about other..
technically i'm not agree with the word "girl friend"...because it's  just a word we have in our dictionary.. i like to call  it as a " life companion."
and the life companion must be in the same social status or any matching type..
but here's the most terrible thing that our youngsters do.. it's letting the companion to decide his fate..
i've said this before in my previous note...
"too much of anything is good for nothing"
we must have a life companion, but we also have to get our lives up. when you give too much effort to your affair it only slows you down..
 we always wanna to be who we are .. that's a thing we all forget.
time's worthy friends. this is the time to earn something and do something...
i am also not doing anything. i'm also wasting time with this hell website..
then i have to get rid of this...
i feel sleepy got to go..
dear diary..
i'll see you tomorrow....

(tell what's your idea about the things that i've mentioned..)


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